About company

Ferrocom Real Estate is a young, actively developing company that entered the UAE real estate market in November 2022 and has already gained the sympathy of its customers. Each of our new clients is grateful for the care shown in the process of accompanying transactions, we answer all questions and continue to cooperate after the client signs an agreement with the developer, we resolve issues of further actions and give recommendations on renting or reselling their housing, we explain how registration is carried out in Edjari, who are waiting for the encumbrances of the owner of the apartments / villas and are ready to take over the full support for the delivery of your property, after its construction, for rent.

Each client recommends us to his friends, because by receiving a full informative service, the client is protected from mistakes in making a decision to purchase real estate.

Become the owner of profitable real estate, the owner of a private villa, apartment together with Ferrocom Real Estate and we will give you the best service to support transactions in the UAE real estate market.

The company's brokers have an informative base on all residential properties under construction in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates, you will not miss a single grain of information that is so necessary when making a decision when buying a property for yourself, we will talk about payment plans, terms of delivery, obtaining a residence permit, possible price changes, as well as the cost of renting your living space, and much more that a property owner in the UAE should know.

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